Chick Salts

I recently hung up my chick salts for the first time since moving here 5 years ago. I love them dearly but kept them packed away... not sure why.... maybe I was afraid they would get broken or maybe I hadn't come up with the right place for them. I'm so glad I got them out of hiding because looking at them makes me smile.
These are Boyd Chick Salts and they were given to me by my Aunt Linda about 10 years ago. This is actually only half of the collection. I very begrudgingly happily shared the other half of the collection with my sister.

You can read more about Boyd's Chick Salts here. These are what they call their 1" chicks but they're really about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2 ". You can lift the little hen off of her nest.
Each color has a name and my Aunt put a tiny label inside each chick with it's name. Though it's impossible to pick a single favorite, two that are in my top 12 are John's Surprise (the translucent cobalt blue in the top right of the picture) and Royalty (a deep purple in the bottom left corner of the top picture).
I'm so glad I unpacked them. They certainly brighten up the wall in my kitchen.