Charlotte's Daisy Cardigan

Charlotte asked for a coloring-changing, bathtub Princess doll for her birthday. So, in addition to giving her the pink-haired, well-endowed doll, I also knit her a cardigan.
This was my first time knitting a cardigan and it was super easy. It's a top-down sweater (meaning it's knit in one piece instead of sewing in sleeves later).
I used the Daisy Cardigan pattern available for free on Ravelry. The pattern was very user friendly. I'll definitely be using this pattern again.
I adjusted the pattern a bit because I was worried that size 6 wouldn't be big enough. Charlotte seems to grow a half inch every time I blink. I'd like her to be able to wear this sweater this year and next year. I used size 6 needles instead of size 4. I decreased the sleeves only twice instead of eight times because I didn't want them to taper to much. Next time I'll probably decrease the sleeves as directed. I made the sleeves 13" to give her some growing room. I knit the body 2 " longer then the pattern directed. I'm so glad I did because it's a great length for her long torso.
The lazy daisies were easy to embroider thanks to a youtube video. The picot edging along was really easy and I'll use that more often to bind off little girl's clothing.

The green yarn is a very soft Dolce Merino, color 410. It's a blend of merino wool and microfiber. The pink yarn is also super soft, Sublime, Extra Fine, Merino wool, color 0202. Since the yarns are DK weight, the cardigan will be warm but not too hot. It's light weight and breaths so I think it'll be perfect for fall and spring.
I'm not sure I'm brave enough to let her wear it to school yet. I worry it will get lost on the bus or on the playground. This might be a weekend sweater until I can "let go" enough to send it off to school. It's amazing how attached you get to a garment after you spend 20 hours knitting it!