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Youth from several delegations demanding greater participation of youth in decision making on the MDGs

The Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Mr. Sha Zukang said that the Third Committee, which was starting in late September its general debate Social Development, was invested with a "huge responsibility" to achieve an "effective implementation and sustainability" of the Final Document of the High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on the Millennium Development (MDGs), adopted on 22 September.
Mr. Zukang, who is Director of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), urged the Commission to integration and cohesion in the middle of its deliberations. He felt that the Summit Outcome Document, entitled "Keeping the Promise: Unite for achieving the Millennium Development Goals ", was the" spinal cord "of the work of the sixty-fifth session of the Commission for Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee.
This "action plan" calls, according to Mr. Zukang, the implementation of "inclusive politics that puts people at the heart of development" as well as policies to reduce unemployment, fight against poverty and elimination of social injustice, in short: "policies aspire to a society for all".
He joined in that the President of the Third Committee, Mr. Michel Tommo Monthe (Cameroon), for whom the issues affecting the agenda "for the foundations, beliefs and beliefs of various nations and communities around the world."
"In the quest and yearning for the betterment of everyone, the real values are universal, especially in an era where advances in science, engineering and technology have globalized and globalizing our lives," added Mr. Tommo Monthe.
The Commission heard presentations of reports on social development by the Acting Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development in DESA, Mr. Jean-Pierre Gonnot, and Director of the UNESCO Institute for learning throughout life, Mr. Ouane.
Nearly half of the 34 Member States that participated in the general gave a voice to young people, who were disappointed by the slow implementation of plans and programs of action adopted at international level in this area. These young delegates also demanded greater participation in decision-making. Some have suggested an intergenerational approach, particularly in the field of employment.
Like Mr. Zukang, who had invited him to be more realistic in policies affecting the elderly, whose numbers have doubled in 30 years to reach 759 million people and will amount to two billion in 2015, the Republic of Korea and Japan, in particular, have encouraged to more concrete actions to recognize the role of this segment of the population in an aging world. Source