Home improvement projects

  This fall has been a busy time for us as we have been working on putting up food from our garden, started a new school year, have been busy with political activities getting ready for the election and have had quite a few weekend activities too (including several trips). I guess we didn't think that was enough though (sheepish grin and shake of head) because we decided to throw some home improvement projects in there too.

 It all started because my older brother (who is a carpenter) was in the area temporarily and needing work. We also had some things that needed done on our house. So.... we decided to get busy. :-) Peter did various things like fixing leaks, putting up the rest of the trim in our downstairs (a project Ken and I had been planning on finishing for a couple of years, but hadn't.) and then he also put tile in our upstairs bathroom.
  This was rather exciting as previously it had been a not very exciting linoleum. I am a big fan of ceramic tile (at least it's looks and easy cleaning) and so I am loving this new look!

   I worked with Peter to get our bathroom ready for tiling. I didn't realize how long it would take to get the linoleum up. Whoever put it down, really used the glue! Peter and I had a few hours of fun visiting time while we worked at scraping it all up and making it flat for putting down the tile (though before tile Peter had to put concrete board down so that the tile doesn't crack as it is on an upper floor).

  After the tile was all laid (that was Peter's job, I wouldn't have minded trying to help but we were out of town when he did that) then I got to seal the grout and then I decided the paint needing touching up in that room so I painted and then Ken put the trim back down. The ceramic tile was some that my sister Anna and brother-in-law Travis had and they let us have it. I think it is beautiful and am very grateful to them!

   Getting things done around the house can get rather addicting so lately I have been painting again, touching up the cream paint all over the house (some places I basically just had to repaint) and then adding a wall of color in the living room/dining area. Now I am on to sewing: curtains, slipcovers and pillows. I also have been having fun changing decorations around. I am hoping to have it done soon and then I will give you a "tour".

  Do you enjoy doing home improvement projects? Have you been working on anything lately?