Parenting with less stress { Dreaming together }

 Something that has been very helpful to having close relationships with our children has been to dream with them. Kids love to dream and I don't know about you, but I enjoy it too. However I don't think all parents share their dreams (wild or not so wild) with their children.

   We have had fun dreaming about trips (perhaps by bike or canoe) across the country, mission trips to other countries, living off the land and oh so much more. Some of the things we dream about will never happen but we still have fun dreaming about them. It draws us closer together to have shared dreams.

  So my challenge is this: if you aren't the type to dream, then just try it once, have fun with it and then dream together with your children! Dreaming together can be the cause of educational activities like pouring over maps to plan routes or learning all about a country you would like to go to. It will strengthen bonds which in turn causes you to have a less stressful job of parenting. And that, That works for me!

Do you have any outlandish dreams that you have shared with your kids? Please share!