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Message from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon to mark the World Day of Statistics, October 20: We celebrate today
the first After the World Day of Statistics, the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed to highlight the important role played by statistics in our societies.
Statistics affect all aspects of modern life. They underlie many decisions of public authorities, businesses and communities. They provide information on trends and forces that affect our lives. Gathered through surveys and censuses -3000000000 people take part in censuses of population and housing this year alone, they affect the planning of schools, hospitals, roads, etc..
Statistics is essential to economic development, including our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. To ensure that development activities yield results, it must first statistical data on poverty, access to education and the incidence of diseases are collected and analyzed. Statistics underpin almost all aspects of budgets and programs that help feed hungry children and provide shelter and emergency care to victims of natural disasters.
The Statistical Commission of the UN Created in 1947, agreed on standards and international methodological guidelines in virtually all areas of statistics. It has greatly helped the states to strengthen their capacity for reporting statistics, whereby the data relating to different countries and different regions are more numerous and more easily comparable than ever.
I welcome the care that statisticians give to developing their reports and publications. These experts provide an essential public service, contributing to the strengthening of peace and democracy by making available to the citizen reliable and objective information on the community to which he belongs. The core values that guide-dedication, integrity and professionalism, should assert their unconditional support of all nations.
However, as in many other areas, developing countries are often disadvantaged, lacking funds for salaries, staff training and data collection. In the first World Day of statistics, I urge the international community to cooperate with the UN to assist all countries to meet their needs in statistics, knowing the crucial role this discipline plays in our global mission of promoting development and peace. Source