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The Millennium Development can only be achieved by many African countries if the dangers posed by conventional weapons are not taken into account, reported in October, several delegations during the general debate of the First Committee, responsible for Disarmament and International Security.
Recalling that the Horn of Africa was one of the world most affected by this scourge, different stakeholders have asked the international community to continue the implementation of the Programme of Action of 2001 on the Illicit Trade Arms and light weapons (SALW) and hope to reach the adoption of a binding instrument in this field. For China, the negotiations for a treaty on arms trade must go step by step, by consensus, not be used to interfere in the internal affairs of States and not disrupt their legitimate trade.
For Ethiopia, like other African countries, SALW are real weapons of mass destruction, said his representative. These arms fuel conflict heavily armed and hinder development, said the representative of Kenya, estimated at 18 billion annual cost of violence for the continent. The representative of the United Republic of Tanzania, expressing great concern at the deteriorating situation in Somalia, for his part supported all UN efforts for disarmament of that country.
In the Great Lakes region, plagued by two decades of armed conflict, over 106,000 small arms and 672 tons of ammunition have been destroyed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said his representative. Furthermore SALW, landmines also kill many innocent people on the continent, said the representative of the United Republic of Tanzania, urging the international community to invest more in demining operations. Ethiopia, which suffers from the presence of these weapons on its territory for several decades, has also welcomed the clearance of nearly 7 million square meters.
Many delegations also stressed the implementation of resolution 1995 on the establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, supporting the conference on this matter requested for 2012 by States Parties of the Treaty non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). For the representative of Israel, anyone who wishes to impose on the region of external initiatives, which are not the result of a careful dialogue, patient and thorough with all the affected States of the region which do not arise from concerns with regional security needs, will not help solve the problems in the Middle East. Responding to the statement by Israel, Egypt has stressed that the conference presented an unprecedented opportunity for both Arab states and Israel. Like many delegations, Kuwait has urged Israel to join the NPT and to subject its facilities to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Stakeholders yet addressed the revitalization of the Conference on Disarmament, China believes it is the only viable forum for the negotiation of a treaty banning production of fissile material.
Source AFP