How To Tell When You Need A New Mixer

When your mixer sounds like this on LOW speed!

I'm pretty sure I broke our mixer. Before I tried to mix up this batter, I tried to use the dough hooks and the dough setting to knead a double batch of cinnamon roll dough. I think it was just too much for this mixer. It sounded kinda funny but I ignored it and put it away until I needed to mix up Charlotte's birthday cake batter. When I tried to mix up the cake batter, I turned it on low but it was spinning faster then the fastest speed. It would race super fast and then slow down for just a second. I thought maybe I could just keep using it only everything would be mixed on high. I added the milk to the cake batter and milk started spraying out of the bowl onto everything in the kitchen. At that point I realized that this mixer was dead.

Jon was so sweet. He said to go buy a new mixer right then and there. I told him that we really shouldn't spend the money on a new mixer and I could try to make due with my hand mixer (which I hate) . He said that considering how long I've owned that stand mixer (7 years) and how often I use it (almost daily), it's high time for a new one.

So, meet the New One. It's the same brand as the old one but it has an updated style. There are only slight differences in the two but I'm still getting used to them. I really wish I had my old one back but that's just because I knew it so well. It was like a friend who helped me bake. I'm sure I'll come to love my new kitchen friend but I have to get to know her first.
So, hopefully this $90 mixer will last me another 7 years.

She is pretty. I guess she's starting to grow on me after all.