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Last night we went with some scrapmaniaks (not least) the Petit Chapeau Rond Rouge. In an "annex" of the College St-Michel in Etterbeek, a band of merry men organizes parties "music quiz", evenings of improv and other smaller shows ... we participated in the musical quiz. We realized our great musical culture :-))) But with us we had a participant who recognize the songs from the first note ... So few points scored, but a lot of laughter as a souvenir!

Today morning after I leave (happily, I could be very productive ...). After a good nap, I made a small page from a sketch found in Sandistamp .
The photo is one of my favorite Andy at this time, taken from Belinda and Bruno, it reminds me of great memories ... I still have some of the same night that I really wanted to scrap ... Including a kiss Alexia Andy ... but that's for another time :-))