Alphabet Adventures A-D

On Wednesday I mentioned that we were going to be doing Alphabet Adventures again at our house. Here are a few snapshots of what we have been doing.....
On "A" day we went grocery shopping and I happened to notice the artichokes and avocados in the produce section. The kids and I had never tasted artichokes before (I was amazed to learn that Ken had!) and so I looked up how to cook them and added them to our supper's menu. (I also tried to make aoili sauce to dip them with. I had never made that before either and I don't think it turned out all that well but at least it started with A! :-)
I can't say we were overly impressed with artichoke (I was disappointed because I was reading online about how incredibly yummy it was!), Jonathan's facial expression above was pretty typical for the kids on trying it.
On "B" day we had fun gluing on buttons in the shape of a B for our letter pictures. For the little "b" they drew a bat and ball side by side.
On "C" day we had a grand and messy time making candles. We recycled old yucky candles for the wax. They actually turned out pretty neat! I will tell you more about them on Thursday.On "D" day we enjoyed doughnuts for breakfast. I tried raised and baked doughnuts. It was nice not to have all the grease but at the same time they tasted quite a bit different. Everybody thought they were delicious anyway.
For our opening of school time I thought it might be fun to have "Drums" to play along with our singing. The kids that it was very fun. Seeing their rhythm perhaps it would be good to use them more often so we could work on that! We also said our books of the Bible while beating out a rhythm with the drums. Be warned that the video below is not high musical quality but it is high in fun! :-)

Well that has been some of the things happening at our house this week, what has been going on for you?