Alphabet Adventures E-I

We had another fun week of Alphabet Adventures. Here are some photos of a few of the things we did or ate:

On "E" day we had fun exercising during Homeschool time at the Gym Bin.

Megan enjoyed the trampoline.

Aaron was eager to show off his hanging abilities.

We love to eat Enchiladas!

One of the highlights of "F" day was a lovely show put on by these two cute Furry squirrels (Freddy and Freda of course!) Mara got distracted from her schoolwork when she saw them out her window. Pretty soon we were all distracted from our work, but it was Fun!

Here is Jonathan on "G" day, wearing Gray and Green and eating Granola.

Something else we enjoyed on "G" day was Gingerbread. I made the old fashioned cake type (with lots of good molasses and I even snuck in some nutritious veggies!) which we topped with real whipped cream.

On "H" day I made Harvard Beets for the first time. We are trying to eat beets lately (It was something I had never made before) because of some health problems Megan has been having.
On "I" day we had to have Ice cream of course!

We had a busy but fun week. I hope your week was wonderful as well!