Best Blu Ray Upconverter 2010


With seven balls monovalent, bivalent or electro-solar, solar auroSTEP over the range of Vaillant now covers most needs, whether in new or under renovation. Or, a total of 34 possible configurations, suitable for all types of booster.

After the sensors
high performance earlier this year, the range of solar water heaters auroSTEP more enriched today Vaillant new balloons more efficient since they are already filled with the amount of fluid necessary for solar operation . A second solar pump can now install solar water heaters in homes more auroSTEP highest. A booster pump, integrated as standard or optional on the ball, makes it possible to increase the height of the installation between the ball and sensors. Of 8.50 m with the main solar pump, the height is increased to 12 m with the second pump.

Their interface is represented by a large backlit LCD screen, with the button "click & run" that offers quick access to user menus. All the benefits of draining. The new balloons more auroSTEP retain the advantages of the automatic drain: the solar fluid never goes stale in sensors, eliminating the risk of overheating in summer and freezing in winter.

New auroSTEP more balloons are equipped with solar pumps low consumption, which significantly reduces energy consumption. It also provides, through its new balls 350 liters of storage capacity and can meet higher requirements in hot water for a family of 2 to 7 people, anywhere in France. Another new solar-electric versions feature a ceramic element, which reduces the scaling of resistance and reduces the risk of leakage. The interface and hydraulic components being grouped behind the facade, the balloons are auroSTEP more compact and therefore easy to handle. The balls are 350 liters equipped with a removable insulation, which facilitates the passage of the doors and narrow staircases.