Displaying photos, cards and kids art

 I have some kids that love to draw, paint and do all sorts of artwork but in the past I haven't had a very good place for displaying. Ken vetoed having the fridge plastered with all of it, which was fine with me as I don't like things to come tumbling down when I open a door but still, where would we put it all to show that we liked what they did?

  Not long ago I enjoyed reading the book "A Creative Family" by Amanda Soule (who also writes a blog that I really enjoy) in it she mentioned having a wire strung up on which to hang children's artwork. I took that idea and I used ribbon instead but it works the same way. I had some little helpers to help me find the studs, hold up the ribbon and nail them up. I tied a little bow on each end of the ribbon and nailed through the middle of that so that it would be sturdier. It also looks cuter that way.

   I chose our hallway wall as the place. Before I had some framed pictures there but they were having a tendency to fall down when people would run down the hallway so it was time for a change anyway. I am really liking the change! Currently we are having "Alphabet Adventures" and so all the art right now is Alphabet Art.

So that is what we are doing with our artwork- next was photos and cards:

 I had this bulletin board (which I will admit, I got while dumpster diving- something I do rarely but I honestly think it is cool.) but it was stained, old and the wrong color scheme for where I wanted it so....

I updated it. It was a fast and fun project. Ken then helped me hang it on the side of a cabinet that didn't look to nice anyway.

Next I added some pictures that we have recieved lately. I like the way it looks! But that wasn't enough space for this time of year so...

I (temporarily) added some ribbons to attach more cards and photos to. It works well and now I don't have to tape them up and further ruin the side of my cabinet.

That is a couple of my recent projects. Lately there have been more projects then time to post them but maybe I will post them later.

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