It Was A Great Day!

The kids got up at 7:15. Look at Charlotte's sleepy eyes.

Both kids got bikes from Santa. They were so excited!

The kids and I got Hippity Hops from Santa. Santa must have known how much I loved these as a kid and included one for me.

I don't remember when I've had so much fun! I was hopping all over the living room. I had Jon try it but he kept falling off.

Nana and Grandpa came over to help celebrate the day. Why does it seem Evan is missing pants in half of the pictures I take of him?

Jon had fun working on several of the new puzzles he got for Christmas.

Mmmmm.... turkey!

Gravy is almost ready.

It was cold and rainy yesterday and soggy today. Jon had the great idea to take the kids to his school to be able to ride their bikes up and down the hallways. They had a great time.

I'm sad that Christmas Day is over. I love the anticipation of it. I love the wrapping, shopping, baking.... then in one short day it's over. I'm so happy that my siblings are coming to visit this week. It'll make it seem like Christmas is lasting that much longer.