Gifts from God....

"Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks,
unto Thee do we give thanks:
for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare."
Psalm 75:1
There is so much to give thanks for, I will just start to scratch the surface....
120~ Winter (okay really Autumn) skies. Such pretty colors with the bare black trees.
121~ Beautiful snow, so soft and fluffy.
122~ Shells gathered on the beach of the Atlantic, each one different, each one beautiful even when broken.
123~ A phone call from a friend I hadn't actually spoke with in years (We do the annual Christmas letter exchange).
124~ The good news that the friend's surgery (double mastectomy) went well!
125~ Beautiful Christmas music playing.... Mannheim Steamroller- my favorite.
126~Lots of pictures!
127~ All the happy memories that they recorded.
128~This cold, snowy time of year where I have fun doing inside projects like putting pictures into albums.
129~ Joy! God sure is good to us, to give us so much joy.
131~ Good deals that help us save money.
132~Fun visits with other homeschoolers.
133~Getting to watch my children in creative play and construction. Enjoying seeing their castles and airplanes and all of the things they do.
134~Having fun learning together.
135~ God always being there and always having the answers!
holy experience