20 Homemade gifts for under $10

For Frugal Friday today the Theme was to tell about gifts that where under $10. (I missed that memo and wrote a post on doughnuts instead but since that topic is right up my alley I thought I would post on that too even if it is late.) I will honestly say that most of the gifts that we give in this household are under $10. That doesn't mean that they are worth under $10, but because we are willing to put time and creativity into them they cost us less then $10. So, here are a few ideas that I have shared before. The links will take you to other posts that explain them in more detail.

Gifts you can Sew:

Gifts from Paper:
Gifts to make with your Glue Gun:

There are so many more that could be listed but I think I will finish with that tonight. We have been having fun making simple, frugal gifts around here. I hope you have fun as well! I would love to hear your ideas and please come back next Thursday and link them up to A Handmade Christmas!