A Handmade Christmas ~ Week 6

Wow! Christmas will be here before we know it! I still have a lot I would like to get done first (I am unfortunately rather a procrastinater) but I am deteremined to just enjoy the week and not stress over what does or doesn't get done.

How is everything going for you all? I am looking forward to seeing what you have been creating. Here are a few of the things we have been working on plus a couple of things that I made earlier in the year that I thought I would share the idea of.

One evening last week Ken took Jonathan and Megan to a hockey game and so Mara, Aaron and I went to work on presents. The main things we had fun creating was an I spy bag (thanks to NettaCow for the instructions!) to give to Jonathan. We decided to make an extra while we were at it to put in our gift box. I didn't have hardly any white rice on hand so we decided to use Rye instead.

This picture isn't very good but I was trying to capture a little guy with a parachute that I made to give to Jonathan. He is totally into planes and loves parachutes too so I thought this would be fun to give to him. We tried it our by dropping it over our stairs and it is rather fun to play with.

I got my inspiration from this video. I decided to make my parachute round however and I hemmed the edges.

My paratrooper I made from a pipe cleaner and a bead that I drew a face on.

For Megan I made a new Barbie chair and pillow. I am hoping to add some other barbie things to it. She has really been enjoying playing with them lately. Here is a link to a post that shows how I make these chairs.

This was another project from this week. (But it was a baby gift not a Christmas gift). I had fun making little boy clothes. And I actually used a pattern! It has been a while since I have done that.

Doll clothes are something I still have on my list to make for Christmas. The ones in this post I made earlier in the year for my neices. Doll clothes are a very inexpensive thing to make as you can use scraps of fabric and yarn. They also don't take long to make. I have found making raglan sleever tops is very easy and effecient!

With doll stuff it is fun to be creative. We had fun making camping stuff for one neice.

Sleeping bags are really easy to make! Jonathan made a little "flashlight" to go along with the set.

Well I had better head to bed so I can get busy and get things done tomorrow!

Now it is your turn! Please join me and share your handmade ideas!

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