Happy Holidays at our House

We have been having fun decorating around here. We do a little every day and we are still adding. Our decorating style is to do it ourselves and use what we have. We all enjoy being creative together to make our house look pretty. Our house is certianly not like one in a magazine but we have been having fun so I thought it would be fun to share.

So welcome to the tour of our home!

As you drive up you will see our mailbox which I decorated with garland and bows.

Step up to the door. The wreath is a new one I made for this year. We are enjoying having a friendly snowman to greet everybody.

 Just inside the door on the little table I put together a little arrangement using some of the greenery we were able to collect as well as some silk tulips I had on hand. I put them in a brass pot that was given to us.

Greenery and pinecones are easily (and freely) available to us so we used them heavily throughout the house. I also really enjoy their look!

On one side of the coat closet door I put together this little bunch of pinecones. I was inspired by something similiar that my friend Emily had made.

Come on up to the living room....For our piano I made a large arrangement with greenery and silk flowers. I also pulled out some extra candles to put on top.

On our living room windows I already had a grapevine garland. I found it was really easy to stick greenery in. I really like the finished look.

 On the half wall by the stairs (We hang our stockings from there) I had fun putting all different sorts of white candles in a variety of candle holders. Then I added greenery and a couple of rustic bird houses.

We don't usually have a tree but this one had to be cut down over at our church building and was just put in the brush pile so I thought I would bring it home to add for decoration. I decided to just leave it plain. This is our stocking corner.

Aaron had decorated the tree earlier. But Ken's comment was: "That isn't going to stay is it?" So after a couple days those decorations got moved elsewhere.

Last nights activity was making a nativity scene. It is really simple and made mostly from recycled stuff but we had fun making it and we made it so that they can play with it too. We are hoping to keep adding a little more to it in the coming days.

In our dining room we put up some garlands, and added some color in other places as well. Mara and Jonathan made me pretty red and green placemats (with my mom's help) for my birthday so they are adding some festive color to our table too.

In our bedroom I had fun putting up greenery and bows as well. It is fun to have a little festive touch all over the house.

Thanks for joining me on the tour of our house!

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