Inexpensive Gift Idea #2 - The Knitted Gnome

**I'm posting this blog post that I prepared last week. We're in PA visiting my in-laws for the next few days. It was quite a trip and after 20 hours in the car and two days stranded in a hotel room off interstate 81, we're very happy to be here. I'll post about our big blizzard adventure in a few days**

I knit the daycare kiddos hats and mittens for Christmas but I gave them the sets last month so they could be wearing them. I wanted to make them each something small with the leftover yarn.

I found this really easy pattern. This little gnome is only about 6 inches tall. It hardly used any yarn at all. I used a worsted weight, natural cotton yarn for the face and some of the worsted weight pink wool leftover from the hat/mitten set.

I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern but I did add eyes and mouth though I'm not thrilled with how they came out. I need to learn some embroidery stitches.

Off to finish her sister's gnome.