The Back Garden

Well, I never got around to weeding the back garden so here is your close-up tour :) This garden is in the back corner of our yard. I needed more space to grow vining plants and to try my hand at growing herbal flowers.... I've had mixed success.

This is a Howden's Field Pumpkin. I didn't know we had any pumpkins forming yet until Jon was cutting the grass. This bit of vine had grown through the fence. This pumpkin variety won't get huge. This little guy is the size of a small melon at this point.

These are my little Butternut Squashs. They're about 8 inches long so far. I'll need to support them soon since I have them growing on a chainlink fence to save space.

Here's a picture of a Baby Boo ornamental pumpkin. It will stay tiny and white. Charlotte picked this variety and planted the seeds with me.

Here's a baby "Sugar Baby" watermelon. It's only about the size of a golf ball right now :)

So, I thought I would plant an herbal flower garden so I could make bath tea bags this fall (fragrant bags to put in your bath while you soak)... so I planted lavender, cat mint, Chamomile, and Calendula. The ONLY one that germinated was Calendula. This is one of the flowers. I guess I'll have to do more research on the ones that never came up. The rest of the bed is filled with dandelions. I'm thinking about using the extra space to plant fall broccoli.

Here's yesterday's harvest. 2 Zucchini and some Tendersweet carrots. I had to thin out the carrots that were too close.