The Caped Honky-Tonk Crusader

This post is in honor of my 2 year old "baby". These pictures/video were all taken within a half hour of each other. As you can see, he's a constant source of entertainment :)

Evan put a bathtowel on his head and then topped that with his cowboy hat... he then ran around the living room jabbering away.

Evan loves Ina :) He moved this laundry basket in front of the TV to get a better look at Ina cook. He's the same age as Charlotte when she fell in love with Paula Deen. Now it's Evan's turn to have a favorite cooking show :)

Evan loves to put buckets on his head (again, ever the entertainer). He put his drum on his head and then found that if he stomped his feet, the drum would bounce on his head making a drum sound. He proceeded to bounce around the living room.

Better go. He just ran from the room... never know what he's going to get into next :)