Betcha thought this was a post about Dad's, huh? :) Actually, the D.A.D.A. is the Downtown Arts District Association. Each first Friday of the month, they hold a Gallery Hop. They close the streets of the Arts District and have vendors, street performers, and great people watching! :)
I thought they also had live bands but unfortunately that's only on Saturday night. It was a beautiful evening and we took our camp chairs and found a place on the sidewalk.

Charlotte picked out a new sunhat from a local artist. Charlotte was so excited when the artist told her she could get her name on her hat.

Evan, Charlotte, and Nana toured the antique cars.
This... ummm... musician is in a local band and he was walking around in his 6 inch platforms handing out flyers to their next show. He offered to have his picture taken with Charlotte but she was too nervous. Grandpa came to the rescue and held her for the picture.
Charlotte commandeered the camera for the following 3 pictures. She loves taking pictures.

Charlotte's view of me and my nostrils :)

Charlotte's picture of Jon and the sidewalk beyond. Can you tell how tired Jon was by that point in the evening?

Charlotte's picture of Evan.
We sat in front of this tea and tonic bar with an attached tribal drum store. You gotta love the arts district. Ahhh... I can still smell the patchouli. :)

I love downtown at night. We went to one of these Arts District events when we first visited this city to see if this is where we wanted to move. We instantly loved this city. :)