Tomatoes - Part I

Wednesday I harvested 9 pounds of tomatoes from the garden!! They're a mix of heirloom cherry varieties, roma, and Big Beef. They look a bit orange but most were really ripe. I had to leave a few of the Big Beef on the window sill. They look red outside and then when I get them inside, I realize they could have used a few more days on the vine. Oh well :)
Here's what I'm doing with my romas. I learned this trick from my mom. She said to freeze the tomatoes as I go that I intend to use for sauce. When I thaw them, the skins will slip right off! So, as I harvest roma tomatoes, I'm laying them out on a cookie sheet so they won't stick together (not sure why I bother since it's probably okay if they stick...) then when they're frozen, I put them into a freezer bag. So far I have 2 gallon sized bags of them. It'll be a fun project to thaw all of the tomatoes and make a huge pot of sauce to can. (and by "fun", I mean really messy and time consuming but I'm already looking forward to it! :)