My First Teacher

My mom helping me sew when I was about 7.

I recently came across this picture while looking for baby pictures of my sister for her wedding. I hung it on my fridge and looked at it every time I walked by. I love this picture.

My mom was my first teacher. She taught me to sew, cook, garden, and endless other activities. She taught me the basic skills needed to take on almost any hobby I can think of. I may not have appreciated the gardening at the time but now I draw on those lessons while working in my garden.... a garden that provides me with great joy. She taught me to eagerly seek out new hobbies while holding on to much loved ones. Through hobbies, we have found a way to fill ourselves up... a way for me to hold on to Becky when she threatens to disappear in a sea of diapers and sippy cups.

My husband has told me before that he never knows what kind of hobby I'll pick up next. He gets the sweetest smile on his face whenever I talk a mile a minute about how I can't wait to start making soap, or soup stock, or matching Steeler hats. :)

I have my mom to thank for this. Thanks Mom for teaching me all the things I needed to make this life as wonderful as it is. I love you.