A Partial Tour Of The Garden

While gardening today, I decided to start my own blog. My sister got me started reading blogs and has recently started her own. When I read her blog, it helps me to feel as if we lived next door instead of 9 hours away. Then last week my husband started his own blog. So, here I go :) Here's the first installment of "The Stockpot" (a little bit of this and that thrown in together to make something wonderful)

So, here's my garden... well, one of them. This is part of the main garden. I'll show you the back garden another day.

Over to the left are two smaller beds with swiss chard and lettuce (that will be pulled up soon to make room for something... not sure what yet)

Here are the beans.... On the tower in the back are "Fortex" and "Kentucky Blue". In front of that are the bush beans... "Jade" in the middle (with a second planting coming up in the bed next to it) and "Pickin' and Grinnin'" closest to the camera with a second planting starting to sprout in the bare dirt in front.

Here are the "in the ground" tomatoes. On the left is "Big Beef" and to the right are my 4 Romas. For some reason, the roma closest to the camera is much bigger then the one on the other end. I planted swiss chard seeds ("Bright Lights") in the open space in front.

Zucchini "Tender Gem". We've been getting several zuccs from these guys every other day. We had to pull up our other row of zucchini the other day since they were taking over the garden. Not sure why I thought we needed 7 zucchini plants... 4 are just plenty!

Broccoli- I just harvested our 2nd and 3rd head today. I'm letting the plants produce side shoots after I harvest the main head. Here's Evan enjoying broccoli straight from the garden. Gotta love a child who will eat their veggies! :)

Here is our patio garden... several types of mint and other herbs, my dwarf Meyer lemon tree-ette, and my two heirloom tomatoes. (Principe Borghese & Riesentraube- both cherry/grape type) I got my first ripe tomato from P.B. yesterday :)

This is the view of the garden from the back of our yard (with Charlotte playing in the pool) . I love how it's close to the house. It's the first thing I look at when I leave my room in the mornings. I like to puttz (is that how you spell it?) in the garden while the kiddos play.

I'll complete my garden tour soon (added motivation to weed the back garden! hehe). Thanks for reading!