Beans, Beans, They're Good For Your Heart.....

I decided to freeze today's harvest of beans since we can't eat 1/3 of a bushel of green beans in the next week :) Here's how I got the beans ready for the freezer.
#1- Top and tail the beans while watching TV in a comfy chair (very important) :)
#2- Put on Dora to keep the kids busy while you do the following:
#3 Boil a pot of water

#4 Get a big bowl (or sink) of water and ice ready. I put my colander in it to make taking the beans out easier.

#5 Get a clean kitchen towel, slotted spoon, and freezer bags ready.
#6 When the water boils put the first batch of beans in the boiling water and set the timer for 4 minutes.
#7 When the timer goes off, take the beans out of the boiling water and put them directly into the ice water bath to stop the cooking.
#8 Take them out of the ice water when they're cool and lay them on the kitchen towel to soak up extra water.
#9 Put them in freezer bags and put them into the freezer :)
Easy! I had 8 bags of beans ready for the freezer in 40 minutes (not including time snapping them in front of the TV during naptime).