Happy Belated 4th Of July!

We went to Mom's and Mark's to celebrate the 4th again this year. It's becoming a tradition.
We ate some yummy hotdogs, hamburgers, and other yummy side dishes. I tried a dessert that I have seen done numerous times on the Food Network. We grilled peaches on the still warm grill (we put them on a cookie sheet first). We topped each with a scoop of ice cream. I liked it but it would have been better if the peaches hadn't picked up a faint taste of hamburger! Ewww.. LOL.
Jon wowed us all with our very own fireworks display. Quite the pyromaniac :) Charlotte had her ears plugged the whole time but loved it. Evan wasn't bothered by the occasional noise and seemed to like the fireworks.

Not bad for a $25 pack of fireworks, right? I hope everyone had a great 4th! :)