Calendula Infused Oil -See update-7-29-09

This year I added Calendula to my garden. I had read a lot about it's use in skin care products. It's supposed to be soothing, healing, and generally great for problem skin. Between Evan's eczema and my acne, I figured it was worth a try.
Many of the skin products I want to make call for Calendula infused oil. Here's how I made it...
Take a clean quart sized canning jar and add a bottle of safflower oil. I was very happy to be able to find a 24oz. bottle of it at Walmart. Apparently safflower oil is very good for the skin... who knew! :)
As you harvest the calendula flowers, pull off the petals and add them to the oil. Close the lid and set it in a sunny window for about a month... pour the oil through cheesecloth and the oil will keep for a year.
I only have a handful of flowers blooming every couple of days so I'm adding petals to the oil as I harvest.
After I fill this jar with petals, any extra flowers I harvest will be dried.

The best part of making this oil is having this pretty, petal filled jar sitting in my kitchen. Some petals float near the top... some settle at the bottom. I have my fingers crossed that it works :)