BPW Reunion

We got back at around 1:30 this morning from a reunion in North Western Illinois at Rock River Christian Camp. It was a reunion of 3 large families that have been friends now for 4 generations. The total number there was 91 but it could have been much larger if everyone would have come.
The picture above is the Petersen family. My mom is the 4th child (out of 9) in the Petersen family. The 9 children all married and produced 32 grandchildren. Many of the grandchildren (such as me) have married and we have produced 35 great grandchildren so far and expect many more in the future.
The next family is the Blanshan family. Bob and June Blanshan had 8 children. One died as a child but the 6 of the others married and had children and then many of the grandchildren have now produced great grandchildren. I am not sure of their total numbers but it is quite a few. (Many of them did not make it to the reunion either.)

The third family is the Williamsons. Their family looks small compared to the other two but 5 children isn't really small by today's standards. Dale and Jerri (now gone up to heaven) had 5 kids and I believe 9 grandchildren and also a few great grandchildren.

We had a great time at the reunion. Some of the things that make us enjoy being together are:
  • Our love of God! This is the first and foremost part that really ties us together. During the reunion there are times set aside for basically church services where different men share from God's word as well as times of worship and prayer.
  • Our love of music. This is fairly universal in all 3 families. Most everybody loves to sing and many of us bring instruments to have fun playing together too.
  • Playing games. This is always a big part of the reunion though I didn't do quite as much of it this year without Ken along.
  • Lots and lots of visiting!
  • Enjoying the kids together and having special activities for them.

Here are some more various snapshots of the reunion:

~An icebreaker game where we had to keep a balloon up in the air. First we could do it any way, then we had to stop using one hand, then we had to stop using either hand, then we couldn't' even use our arms, then we couldn't touch it at all (air power only). At the last point I was definitely out and I had fun watching everybody else.

My Sister Martha and her family came from North Carolina. Megan and Lars (who are less than a month apart in age) were very happy to see each other. They walked around hand in hand at least a couple of times.

One the 4th we planned a children's parade for all of the adults to watch. It was raining to it ended up being an indoor parade. The kids had fun dressing up, putting on tattoos and making various decorations and then throwing out candy for it.

This is the parade group afterwards. The babies in strollers were our floats. (The strollers got decorated with balloons and such.)

Most people stayed in cabins but some of us camped. Anna and Travis put their tent up in between a group of trees. It looked very picturesque so I got their picture with it.

We had a great time but it is lovely to be home as well, especially since we are back together with Ken.

How was your 4th?