What's Up Doc?

I realized this morning that I forgot to show you my carrot bed in yesterday's garden tour. The Zucchini is so big that it blocked the carrot bed from view. So, here are the carrots. Not much to look at really since their germination was so spotty. I didn't have much luck from my earliest planting but my second one did better. I have Tendersweet and Sugarsnax in this bed.

Carrot closeup
And here one of the very few carrots that survived that late March planting. Charlotte was amazed to see me pull it up.
I just planted another bed of carrot seeds hoping for even better results this time.. we'll see.
I'm so thrilled to have carrots growing. I've always wanted to grow carrots and this is the first time I've really tired. Once when I was in third grade, my friend Kelly and I decided to grow carrots in the sand under our playhouse. Mom said carrots needed soil without rocks in it. We figured that by having a pit of sifted sand, surely they would really grow well. We didn't even consider the fact that it was sand and no sunlight could be found under the playhouse. We worked hard sifting all the sand and getting it all ready when Tippy (our family dog) happened upon our sand pit and prompty peed all over it! LOL We were crushed and decided to give up the carrot idea. :) I'm glad that 22 years later I've grown my first carrot! :)