What happens when you leave your garden for a week.....

We had a fantastic week camping with both sides of our family. We were sad the week was over. When I got home, I had lots of work to do in the garden. Our very sweet neighbor forgot to water my potted tomatoes so half of the folage was brown and dry. After I pulled off the dead leaves, here's what I was left with... shriveled versions of the lush plants I left :( This morning I discovered a bird who finds our ripe tomatoes tasty... Grrr... I was wondering what was eating my tomatoes. Guess I'll have to drape netting over the plants.

Our zucchini grew to baseball bat proportions!! These, needless to say, went to the compost pile.

Here's the harvest.... I was shocked at how well the broccoli side shoots did... unfortunetly half of them were too mature to eat. A few carrots were big enough to pull... though I need to find a better way to pull up a couple without snapping them in half. I got a couple of each kind of tomato. The roma plants are so dense that I couldn't see the ripe ones without digging through a jungle of leaves.
Luckily there were a few normal sized zucchini ready.
I got a half bushel of beans but since it's been up to 2 weeks since I harvested, only 1/2 of them were edible.

Since I harvested all of the side shoots of the broccoli, Jon pulled up the plants to make room for me to put in another crop.... not sure what I'll plant there yet.

Here's Evan's "Smile" :) He was holding a massive zucchini but I thought the smile was more important :)