The Cure For Your Chocolate Craving

I recently visited this blog thanks to a recommendation from my Aunt . I saw the recipe for the Flourless Fudge Cookies and HAD to bake them! :) The word "flourless" is what got me.

The first time I had flourless chocolate cake was in 2002. Jon and I were in Baltimore and we decided to go to Little Italy for dinner. We were dressed very casually. We found a little restaurant named "Aldo's" . We had no idea we had picked a fine dining restaurant. It was really early and no other diners were there yet. Not sure what the waiters thought of this couple in their early 20's walking in dressed for a restaurant like Applebees. We realized as soon as we opened the menu that we were way out of our league. We thought about leaving but we figured we'd kiss our budget goodbye and stay. I remember asking for a glass of water and the waiter asked "Sparkling or non". I almost giggled outloud at that one. When I said, "Non". He brought me a goblet and a bottle of Perrier. Jon and my eyes got wider when the waiter would come with a comb-like instrument to sweep away the crumbs on our table. Though I can't remember what we had for dinner... I remember dessert VERY clearly. I asked the waiter what dessert he would recommend. He said the best was their Flourless Chocolate Cake. A small, round cake in the center of the plate with a bit of whipped cream and a strawberry was set in front of me. It was so delicious! The center was a bit molton... not overly gooey but just right. The cake around it was dense and just sweet enough. Jon and I loved our evening at Aldo's. I think half the fun was realizing we had no idea what we were doing. It was quite an adventure. We returned to Aldo's (appropriately dressed this time) for our 1st anniversary when I was 15 weeks pregnant. It was great but I think it's more fun to go in jeans :)

So, back to the cookies... Here's the recipe

These cookies are the answer to every chocolate craving! They are a cross between a candy and a cookie. There are very few ingredients and they are heavy on chocolate flavor! I put a handful of chocolate chips in the batter but I think they were overkill. The batter came out pretty thick so they weren't quite as flat as the picture. The great news is that they freeze really well. I put most of them in the freezer and took 2 out yesterday and let them thaw on the counter for a little while. They tasted just as great as they had just after I made them. I think I'll be keeping a bag in the freezer from now on for Chocolate emergencies :)