Charlotte's Pixie Hat

When I decided to frog Charlotte's original hat, I found a pattern to use only the sock yarn to make this pixie hat
The colors of the yarn look so much prettier by when they don't pool. Since it's knit with sock yarn, it's a very lightweight hat. This certainly won't be her winter hat but maybe a fall/spring hat.

I knit it on 2 needles instead of knitting in the round as the pattern called for. I don't have enough needles in the right sizes to knit in the round yet. It was going fine until I started decreasing. I looked at the wrong numbers and the square top it was supposed to have turned into a 5 sided decrease. It worked out okay since the back seam almost looks like a decrease line.

The yarn I used is Bernat Sox in Pink Camouflage. I knit the small adult size. (glad I did since it fits her perfectly)

After working with a heavier, worsted weight yarn for so many projects lately, it was nice to work with sock yarn for a change. The stitches are so much smaller and finer.