Set 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down

Jon had the idea to take the kids bowling on Saturday. I had no idea how much they would LOVE it!!

Evan thought the ball return was the coolest thing in the world!

Look at that form!

They had ramps for little kids to roll the balls down. That helped them to be able to bowl by themselves. Bumpers helped too.

Charlotte loved that she got to have two trys each time it was her turn.

She jumped and cheered for us when it was our turn.

More jumping from Charlotte.

Charlotte got a strike!!!!! I think Jon was as excited as Charlotte was!

Wait for it.....

By the end of the game they started to lose interest and Charlotte got grumpy since I said we couldn't play the little "grab the animal with the claw" arcade game.

I almost beat Jon. I was winning but he won by 2 points in the last frame. Charlotte beat Evan by a couple points. We had a lesson on how to be a gracious winner ;)