Moist Cake Quest- Cake #1

King Arthur Flour's Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Cake
Today I made the 4 layer, chocolate and vanilla cake from the blog from King Arthur Flour. I mixed the different batters in separate bowls. I was surprised by how different each recipe was.
And I poured them into pans that were sprayed with Pam and lined with parchment paper.
(Guest photography by husband, Jon) :)
I made sure to pull them from the oven right before I thought they were done. The chocolate layer took 5 minutes longer then the vanilla. Then I immediately wrapped them with plastic wrap and set them on a rack to cool.

I then sliced my cakes and started icing them. I'll share my simple buttercream recipe with you soon. I decided to skip the ganache icing the recipe called for. I'm not a fan of ganache as icing for a cake. Drizzled over cheesecake... sure... but not for a birthday.
Then added sprinkles.....

Then sliced....
The verdict....
Good.... Just Good.
I'm about half way there with this cake. It was more moist then my normal cake. I don't think any party goer would have been disappointed with this cake. This cake wasn't "it" though. The texture wasn't delicate or light. There wasn't enough flavor. The chocolate wasn't very chocolaty and the vanilla was blah. The best part of the cake (as seen below) was the icing.

I called my neighbor to see if they'd like some cake and she said, "Yes! I have 5 little boys in my house right now who just looked at me and said, "What's for dessert??".
She was thrilled to see me show up at her door with half a cake.
So, on to the next cake.