Fun in the backyard

This evening I cooked over our little fire pit and we ate outdoors. It was a beautiful evening and we had fun just hanging out enjoying the outside. I caught a few moments on my camera that I thought would be fun to share.
The mosquitoes were biting a bit at supper and were bothering Aaron's feet. His solution? A nice warm pair of sorrels. A lovely look with shorts I think.

Megan discovered a toad that she felt she desperately "needed" to hold. Catching it however made her a little squeamish as it wanted to move. She looked to me for help but I wasn't terribly willing. Here she is holding her hand down in front of it and calling "here, froggy!" hoping that it will walk in on its own. It didn't respond to her entreaties but Mara came to the rescue and caught it for her. Oh the pure delight of holding a toad! (At least that was what her face was saying, when she thought I needed a turn I wasn't quite so sure it was so delightful.)
"Oh sweet little toady!"