Moist Cake Quest - Cake #2

So, with Cake #1 still not getting me to the Moist Cake Hall of Fame (that would be weird if there really was a Hall of Fame for Moist Cakes), I set out to find another promising recipe.

I came across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I thought the addition of buttermilk would give it the moistness I wanted.
The batter was really fluffy and smooth. I thought to myself, "hmm... this bowl sure is full of batter... wonder if it'll fit in my pans."

Here's the mess it made in the oven when my question was answered.

Turns out that when you read the recipe very carefully, it says it makes 2" tall layers. My cake pans are only 1 1/2 ". Oops. I trimmed off the edges and set them to cool, wrapped in plastic.

I'm noticing that my oven doesn't bake very evenly.

I mixed up some of my buttercream icing. This time I added 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and a touch more milk to make chocolate icing. It's SOOOO good!

After the cakes cooled, I spread the icing between and on top the cake layers.

Icing Inspector #1

I'm beginning to love sprinkles. It takes a plain cake and makes it look party ready in just seconds.... for only $1.09. (By the way, if you want to turn pancakes into "Party Pancakes", add a few sprinkles to the mix or just sprinkle them on before you flip them over. )

Moment of truth.... drum roll please.....

Verdict: VERY Good! The icing still steals the show but the cake was much better this time around. I think if I had the right, deep pans this would have been a winner. The cake texture was light and soft. The cake itself had nice flavor. I still overcooked this cake just a bit so it was a tiny bit dry.

Jon took the rest of the cake to school with him today and asked his jazz band to sample the cake and describe it's taste using musical terminology. I can't wait to read the comment cards!!

I think I have time and energy to try one more cake before Charlotte's birthday. I'm going to try this same recipe but I'm going to buy deeper cake pans and I will watch the baking like a hawk to avoid overcooking it.