Twin Strollers and Triplet Strollers

Twin Strollers and Triplet Strollers

Double Decker

Triple Decker

Do you have a growing family of 3 children under 40 lbs each? Got twins or triplets? Having twins soon and have a toddler? Have twin toddlers and having another baby? The Triple Decker is perfect for your growing family. Whether it is sandy, snowy, rocky, narrow doors, aisles or elevators you encounter, our baby strollers for twins and triplets will get you anywhere. Are you looking for a baby stroller that’s sturdy and will last? Do you want a double stroller you can re-sell and get top value for?

We use the finest materials and produce a product that is of highest quality of any twin or triplet stroller on the market. Our personal customer service prides itself in responding to your needs and special requests immediately! Our tandem baby strollers are completely assembled and all you have to do is put on 3 wheels with 3 nuts and you can be out the door right away.

The Double Decker® Strollers for twins and Triple Decker® Strollers for triplets are lightweight, convenient, quick to pack, all terrain strollers that save you money and time. The price of the Double Decker® and Triple Decker® Strollers versus the purchase of car seats plus a stroller will save you money and you have it all in one package. The lightweight frame folds quickly and easily for transport and storage. The all terrain wheels are perfect for curbsides, dirt roads or rough terrain making it easy to push and guide. Our twin strollers and triplet strollers easily glide through small aisles and doors because of their 23” single width frame. These tandem strollers have plenty of room for packages and bags in their storage baskets. See our specifications for both the Double Decker® and Triple Decker® in upright and folded position.

Utilizing the infant car seats with a car base is a great idea in the eyes of your babies! Listen to what their parents have to say. They don’t have to be disturbed while being moved from the vehicle to the stroller frame. A quiet and quick transition is made and the car seat snaps right on to the stroller frame. The babies are already strapped in by their harnesses and secure for transport in an upright position so they can see the world! Babies also sit in a comfortable position for suitable napping. The Double Decker® and Triple Decker® accessories are useful for travel and our all-weather bonnets protect your babies from weather, bugs and germs.

Triplets generally outgrow their infant seats at different stages. Anywhere from 2 to 6 months apart. With our Triple Decker models you can add the toddler seat, one at a time as needed. This makes transition from infant to toddler seats easier on parents, babies and the pocket book. Our strollers are good for families that have multiple age children 5 lbs to 40 lbs. Daycares too!