My Little Boy

Half of all the pictures I take of Evan are blurred. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep, he's busy. (Unless you turn on Teletubbies but I save that for when I really need it) It's rare to get a snuggle moment from Evan since he has so many things to get done before bedtime.... try to sneak into Charlotte's room, rearrange the DVD's near the TV, pretend the laundry basket is a boat... a two year old has very important things to do.

So, last night, we were dancing after bathtime. Charlotte was busy making Jon's sandwiches for the next morning by herself. (seriously, she was... I'll blog about that soon) Jon had turned up the tunes to help distract himself from unloading the dishwasher and I was trying to teach Evan how to shake his bootie. (Is that bad?) I looked at the clock and realized with 5 minutes until bedtime, we needed to slow this party down or he'd never get to sleep.

So, Jon found us a slow song and I told Evan I wanted to hold him and dance. He loved it and I loved the time to snuggle with him.... all 33 pounds of him.

I asked Jon to get the camera since this doesn't happen often. As I was looking at the pictures this morning it struck me how big Evan's gotten. He looks like a little boy now instead of a baby. I'm one of those weird moms who welcome their kids getting a bit older. I love how much fun they become as they approach preschool age... and how much EASIER they are as they get older.

Jon wanted to get in on the snuggle time too.
My boys.... gosh, how I love them. Evan may look a lot like me but he sure acts a lot like his dada. Easy-going (most of the time) , loves adventure, and loves an audience!

I think we may have a slow dance every night.