Good strollers for newborn babies

If you are buying a stroller for a newborn, you should invest in what is called a 'travel system', which is a combination stroller/car seat/baby carrier. Regular baby strollers don't provide the neck and body support that newborn babies need. Although travel systems aren't cheap, as a new father I can tell you that they are a worthwhile investment.

Travel systems work like this: When you are going out, you strap the baby into the carrier. Our baby enjoys the snug feeling he gets from being in the carrier and usually falls asleep instantly! You carry the baby in his (or her) carrier to your vehicle and click it into the base which you keep installed in your car. Usually these carriers will function as a rear-facing baby seat until your baby weighs 22 lbs. When you arrive at your destination and are ready to walk around with your child, just remove the carrier from the car seat base and snap it into the stroller. Notice how the baby goes from the house to the car to the stroller and beyond without ever being disturbed. When your baby is no longer a newborn, he can go right into the stroller without the carrier.
Our baby has been using his 'travel system' since the day he left the hospital and never fusses when he is in it. Our particular travel system is made by Graco and cost a few hundred dollars (Canadian). Make sure you buy one that is built with a sturdy metal frame. Happy trails!