Fall Garden Update

I baked another cake for my Cake Quest this afternoon but I can't stand to look at pictures of cake right now (I've eaten too many sweets this weekend) so that will have to wait until tomorrow. So, tonight we have a garden update.Here's what the garden looks like if you hold the camera at a weird angle while standing on a patio chair.

Here's my zucchini plant with the first little baby zucc on it. It's only been a month and 3 days since I planted the seeds. Not too shabby.

It's also been a month and 3 days for the broccoli plants. They're looking really great. Some of the stems are bent to the side and some are perfectly straight... not sure why the difference.

This little guy is a parsnip seedling that is the same age as the above plants. Big difference since this little guy is only about 2 inches tall. It's really late to be planting parsnips so I'm not sure they'll be big enough to harvest before winter but we'll see. I had really poor germination but surprisingly, I counted 15 seedlings today! That's a lot more then I thought were out there.

Here are the new babies that were planted just a week ago. This is lettuce... a blend of leaf lettuces.

Here are the kale babies. They look just like broccoli seedlings to me. They germinated really well.

Here's swiss chard. It's funny how the stems are multi colored from the very start.

Yay for peas!!! I was so excited to find these little pea sprouts peaking out of the soil this morning! I had such bad germination this spring (not enough watering) that I was crossing my fingers for better results this time. Turns out that if you keep them moist like it says so in every gardening book out there, they'll germinate better. *slaps self on the forehead*

Here are the spinach babies. They look like little grass sprouts, don't they?
We've had so little rain in the past few weeks that I've been watering the garden by hand each morning. It's really helped my seeds to germinate more evenly then they did in the spring. I never knew I could get so excited to see the little seedlings pop out of the ground. It's like hunting for Easter eggs each morning when I go out to water the garden.