Weekly Menu

With Jon working 70 hours a week now that Marching Band is in full swing, I find it hard to have the energy or time to cook dinner each night. I really love cooking but only if I'm not completely exhausted. This week there were at least 2 nights that the kids and I had cereal for dinner and one night we ordered take out. We try to only eat out once or twice a month for several reasons.... #1 It's not as healthy #2 It's too expensive #3 I can usually make something that tastes better.... So I need to make a plan to avoid the temptation of eating out.

So, here's the plan... Each Sunday, I'll plan out my weekly menu here. The meals will meet the following criteria...
*Healthy (very little processed foods)
*Use what's on sale that week/in the pantry-freezer/fresh from the garden
*Be pretty easy to prepare on a week night or to be made ahead on the weekend and frozen.

This Weeks Menu:
Sunday: Beef Stroganoff (make 2 lasagnas for Saturday to freeze until then)
Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: English muffins pizzas
Wednesday: Roasted whole chicken, brown rice, veggies
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (pancakes, eggs, fruit)
Friday: Chicken pot pie using leftover chicken from Wednesday
Saturday: Lasagna