old dresser drawers = new bookshelf

A while back we got rid of an old vanity that was falling apart. The drawers however were solid wood and it just seemed like the would be useful for something. The handles were already falling off so I just helped them the rest of the way.

I used them for storage for a while on some big shelves and then we need some more book space. So I stacked them up and PRESTO, a book shelf!
It isn't the most elegant bookshelf ever but it works just fine in the little corner by Mara's bed. She loves it because now she has books right beside her bed which are available to easily grab. I like it to because it allows more books to be in a neat and orderly spot and also I enjoy every time we can use what we have rather than buying something new.

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Do you have any inovative ideas for using old things to make new furniture? I would love to hear!