Eating from the Garden!

This hasn't been our best year of gardening, it was, I believe, the second coldest summer on record, germination was poor, chipmunks did lots of snacking and I neglected it and the weeds got pretty bad! BUT we are finding stuff to eat from it anyway!
This week we have had several meals that had a lot of elements from the garden. For Wednesday lunch we had tortilla roll ups with homegrown lettuce and tomatoes inside (and other stuff) and carrot sticks. Carrots are one thing that is doing very well! We also had a stir fry on Sunday with broccoli and carrots from our garden. For Wednesday supper we enjoyed fresh corn on the cob (and are looking forward to more next week!) and sliced tomatoes.

Last night I cooked out over the fire and the side dish I made was Carrot Zucchini patties made from my garden veggies. I thought they were pretty yummy!

I have been enjoying reading about the garden results at other blogs too. Here are some links to harvest posts:

What are you harvesting at your house?