Be interested

Something that I think is great for strengthening a marriage is simply sharing interests. For me as the wife that means that sometimes I need to work at being interested in what he is interested in.

One example for us is politics. We both have always shared basic veiws on politics and have actually probably always been a little beyond average in our interest in it but when we moved to this area Ken decided to get really involved. I didn't really join in at first, I had kids to take care of and I just wasn't terribly interested. A few years ago however, my Mom offered to watch our kids so I could go to the monthly meetings too. That has been very neat, and marriage strengthening for us to be able to share this interest. We enjoy watching debates together, talking politics and then working on it together too.

   Something else that Ken enjoys but isn't really my style is watching sports. I don't know that I will ever get into it very much but every so often it is nice to watch a game with him (and I think I should do it a little more) and I think he appreciates it.

Have you discovered any new interests for yourself after joining in with your husband?