Spend time together

This is rather late getting up, but I have been rather busy! :-)

This morning I had wedding flowers to finish up and deliver and as soon as that was done Ken and I headed off to the ski slopes. After picking up the kids and coming home we then watched Sarah Palin's speech together. Today was a good day of togetherness.

I think spending time together is important. That is important in any relationship, with God, with our children, with friends and certianly with our husbands!

Life these days can be so very busy, so we need to make a concentrated effort to spend time together. I think that I as a wife need to be especially in tune to that need. Ken needs to go to work each day to provide for us so when he is home I want to be available to spend time together whenever he wants too. I can't 100% of the time but I can a lot if I work my schedule out to work that way.

 What is one of you and your husbands' favorite things to do together?