The Promise Of Spring

A few days ago, my new seeds for this year's garden arrived!

Here's the new seed I ordered:
-Sugar Snap Peas "sprint"
-Rutagaga "Yellow Laurentian"
-Eggplant "Striped Fairy Tale"
-Cabbage "Early Tendersweet"
-Parsnip "Lancer"
-Broccoli "Arcadia"
-Kohlrabi "Winner"
-Cauliflower "Violet Queen"
-Carrot "Vitana"
-Carrot "Nelson"
-Carrot "Deep Purple"
-Lettuce "Ermosa Butterhead"
-Lettuce "Jericho Romaine"
- Beet "Chioggia"
-Spinach "Emu"

I plan to buy my tomato seedlings and my potatoes from the local nursery this spring.

I had quite a few seeds leftover from last year's garden that I plan to plant again.

-Bush Bean "Pickin' and Grinnin'" and "Jade"
-Swiss Chard "Neon Lights"
-Kale "Ripbor"
-Shelling Peas "Sabre & Little Marvel" (I didn't have great luck with my pea crop last year but I'll give it another shot)
-Carrot "Scarlet Nantes"
-Zucchini "Field's Tender Gem"

I have a full garden season ahead of me and I can't wait!!