Give him a massage

When I started this series a blog reader, Alysia (who I have had fun getting to know through e-mails) sent me a whole list of ideas for showing our love to our husbands. I thought I would share a couple of them today.

~Give him a back massage. Not just a quick one, but a nice long massage, and talk while you do it. This works if the children are awake or in bed, but if you do it while they are awake, he will get maybe a few baby karate chops or children standing on his back! And, quick shoulder rubs or whatever hubby likes is ALWAYS good and easy to do=)

~Give HIM a pedicure/and or foot massage! Bring out the foot spa, or simple square plastic tub and surprise him with a nice foot soak and massage along with a nice hot tea (if he likes that)...I have found this works best to do after the children are all in bed!

This is something I have been thinking about today (and I have done a short shoulder rub for him) as we are both rather sore as we ended up crashing at one point out on the ski slopes yesterday. I know massages are defenitely something that shows my love to Ken. Here are some simple tips for massages.

If anybody else would like to e-mail me tips to include in this series I would love to hear from you! I may end up keeping the series going longer than a month.