Uh Oh, Ho-Ho Tree Fall Down!

That is what we heard Evan say one day between Christmas and New Year's a couple months ago. We had been using an older, cheap artificial tree for the past few years and the stand finally gave out.
Luckily the tree didn't fall on Evan.... just next to him where he was playing with his cars.
Many of the plain glass balls broke but there was only one special ornament that was damaged.

This is a goose egg that I painted in 1994 when I was 16. I'm no artist as you can see. This egg came from geese we had at the time. The shell is so thick and it had survived many moves. I can remember sitting at my parents table and painting the shell.

I took a picture of the pieces this past weekend before I finally made myself throw it away.

Maybe one day when we have space to have geese again, I'll paint a new egg shell to adorn our much sturdier tree.