I thought I would share another idea for loving your husband that Alysia sent.

"Serve in the little things (that feel big at the time) Like...he forgot to check to locks and we are already in bed, I can hop out and do it if he's tired.....or be the one to make the tea and bring it to him...or put his stuff away instead of waiting for him to do it...etc. etc. these little opportunities to serve really add up!"

I think this is a wonderful tip. I can really relate to the locks one. I know that has happened with us to and I do remember offering to go check them but I don't think I actually jumped up to do it and he went ahead and did it. One of the ways that has worked for us is bringing him his "bedtime snack" or a glass of water especially when he is hot and sweaty and working outside. I know Ken appreciates being served especially when I do it with a special smile just for him.